International car shipping services to Argentina

If you are deciding to ship a vehicle to or from Argentina as a result of a relocation or a purchase that you’ve made abroad, understanding how you get your vehicle to your new location can be a difficult process. If you’re moving to Argentina or moving away from Argentina, working with an auto shipping specialist can help to make sure your vehicle can arrive safely and in the fastest manner possible.

Read on in our guide to find out more about how we can handle international car shipping services to Argentina.

How to ship a car to Argentina

If you are interested in shipping of vehicle to Argentina it’s very important to complete the research first so that you can ship your vehicle in a hasslefree format. With AEON shipping, we tackle all the research for you to ensure that every major aspect of your delivery is handled and so you can enjoy your vehicle as soon as possible.

In this guide we will address some of the few common questions about shipping a vehicle to and from Argentina. We shipping partners all over the world we have a vast network of professionals and years of experience in car shipping to or from Argentina.

Services/Modes of shipping for a vehicle to Argentina:

Dedicated Container

Many of our customers prefer the option to use a dedicated vehicle shipping container to Argentina. A dedicated container gives you the option to ship your car in a 20 to 40 foot container depending on the size of your vehicle. This dedicated container will be used only for your vehicle shipping. The shipping container will provide a tight fit for your vehicle with due diligence on strapping and securing the vehicle inside to prevent damage. This is the perfect option for luxury vehicles, sports cars, classic cars, trucks and even specialty vehicles.

Consolidate Container

With our consolidate container option, we can offer a reasonable price on vehicle shipping to Argentina. We combine your vehicle shipping with other vehicles to deliver unprecedented value in the cost of shipping. The cost for the container and shipping is split between several clients as their vehicles are all contained within the same crate. We complete due diligence to fully secure each vehicle and ensure that full protections are retained within each container.


Our roll-on and rolloff car shipping service uses specialized large vessels within our shipping fleet. Vehicles are driven into the cargo hold of a large shipping vessel and then properly secured and braced. Roll-on and rolloff shipping is available only in limited destinations as only certain ports offer this service. Services also limited as vehicles are left open to the elements. This can be the perfect option for a vehicle that is deemed too wide or too tall for a container is the open space on a vessel can accommodate much larger and more specialty vehicles for shipping a vehicle to Argentina.

Air Freight

We also offer an air freight option for an expedited shipping solution. If you need your vehicle as fast as possible when moving to or from Argentina, we can offer air freight solutions. This is usually the most expensive option for shipping a vehicle but it is the fastest solution for vehicles that need to be at events or shows on time. We would also highly recommend this option for shipping super luxury vehicles to and from Argentina.

Popular areas:

Some popular ports for pickup in Argentina include:

Port of Mar del Plata

Port of Quequen

Puerto Rosales

Port of Ingeniero White

Port of Buenos Aires

San Lorenzo-Purto General San Martin Port complex

Port of Zarate

Port of Campana

Port of Dock Sud

Port of La Plata

Port Madryn

Port of San Antonio Oeste

Advantages of shipping cars from Dubai to Argentina

By choosing to ship out of Dubai to Argentina you can see a number of advantages when shipping a vehicle including:

Lower costs for shipping: With a large ports system and experience consolidated shipping companies there is a large volume of shipments to lower shipping prices in consolidated shipping.

Accessibility: dedicated shipping routes and accessible ports on the Dubai side reduce shipping costs to destinations like Argentina.

Regular discounts available: WC a members with regular volumes and requirements can get access to low rates on shipping.

Excellent technology: shipping companies based other Dubai provide regular shipment status updates using advanced online tracking software.

An expanding list of import destinations: Dubai has created a seamless chain for transportation and they are constantly expanding the range of imports and exports that they can provide in shipping.

Ports with experience master loaders and consolidation services: having an experienced master loaders can reduce secondary charges and ensure coordination between customers co-loaders and more.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Dubai to Argentina?

The overall cost of shipping a car from Dubai to Argentina depends on several factors including the make and model of your vehicle, how close that vehicle is to a port of departure in Dubai, the shipping method that you’ve chosen as well as the availability at your final Port destination in Argentina.

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective method to ship a car from Dubai to Argentina we would strongly recommend using a shared container service. This is the best way that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of shipping.

If you are able to get closer to the pickup or delivery point you can also reduce costs with the pickup and delivery rates. Not everyone can get to the port to pick up their vehicle but our dispatch department can coordinate the process of pickup and drop-off for vehicles with some added costs.

Aeon Shipping process for shipping a car:

Receiving a quote online: contact us with the details on your vehicle and we can provide you with several quotes for shipping to destinations like Argentina. When we have determined a shipping option that works for you we can issue you with a pickup date for the vehicle.

Picking up your vehicle: our transportation services can come and pick up your vehicle for an extra fee or you can bring your vehicle to us at the port of dispatch. We arrange transportation for your vehicle when it arrives at the destination.

Shipping: after vehicle is shipped it can take up to 30 days to arrive in a destination like Argentina from Dubai. Our agents in Argentina will be responsible for clearing all import customs, collecting your container as well as preparing the vehicle for you during the process of unloading. For an extra fee we can deliver you a vehicle directly to your door or you can collect the vehicle at the container from the port of entry.

How long does shipping a car to Argentina take?

Shipping a car to Argentina can take between 12 to 30 days. If you need expedited shipping services you may want to consider air freight.

Destination Guide lines:

To ship a vehicle to Argentina you will need to have:

Your certificate of residence

The original registration

A shipment inspection certificate

Valid visa

Driver’s license

Original purchase invoice

And a passport.

You can find out more about port duties by contacting the Argentinian embassy. AEON shipping professionals can also let you know about any of the regulations and extra charges you can expect before your shipment departs.

Our custom clearance process:

When your vehicle arrives at its destination one of our receiving professionals will be available to handle the customs process. Our destination agent can also inform you of any additional procedures including paperwork that needs to be filed, terminal handling charges import, the safe return of an empty container and more.

Additional charges for your shipping during the custom clearance process may also include delivery of your vehicle to your doorstep, custom inspection charges and suction charges for AC and R 12 fluids.

Car Shipping from Argentina to Dubai:

If you are going to be moving from Argentina to Dubai and you need access to reliable shipping services. Be sure to contact our representatives in Argentina to handle the process of car shipping from Argentina to Dubai as well.